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Who We Are

VS Enviro is a privately owned company which has been delivering professional environmental services and consultancy throughout Queensland and New South Wales for the last ten years. Our business operated for some time under the name Vital Signs Environmental Services, however we found this name slightly cumbersome for us and our clients. In 2011 we became a private company, and renamed our business VS Enviro Pty Ltd. Same great company, delivering the same great service.

Our Managing Director, Steve Rose (BSc Environmental) is a fully qualified ecologist and is a founding member of the Association of Professional Wildlife Managers (Spotter/Catcher) Inc. He  is one of the most experienced and accredited environmental professionals in his field. Steve manages the dedicated team at VS Enviro, and over the years has built a reputation for a company which is committed to delivering its clients with reliable and efficient environmental management services and solutions, at a cost effective rate. He understands the delicate balance of  reaching business objectives whilst ensuring environmental compliance and obligation are also met.

Our Spotter Catcher team is lead by our senior spotter Desley Salmon whose dedication to wildlife spans over twenty years and her knowledge of the construction industry is second to none. Desley has worked on projects throughout S.E. Queensland as an Environmental Officer.  For the last ten years Desley has worked full time as a Wildlife Spotter Catcher within the Construction and Mining Industries throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory. Desley and the team work closely with environmental departments and project personnel to achieve best practices in spotter catching.

VS Enviro is an intimate company that doesn’t compromise on personal service.  We are proud of our work and the company we have built,  and  will continue to deliver our clients new and current with professional and responsible environmental services.

Our Team

Steve Rose
Managing Director & Senior Ecologist

(BSc) Fisheries Management
Email: steve@vsenviro.com.au
Mobile : (0428) 236 805

Vanessa Dunn
IMS Manager/Accounts

(MA, BA)
Email: vanessa@vsenviro.com.au
Mobile: 0407 955157

Desley Salmon
Senior Spotter Catcher

Email: desley@vsenviro.com.au
Mobile: 0407 240 365

Jeffery Salmon
Senior Spotter Catcher

Email: jeff.salmon34@gmail.com
Mobile : 0419 716 252