We’ve delivered projects to clients in various industries including:

  • Resource industries (mining and CSG)
  • Civil infrastructure
  • Residential commercial development
  • Training and awareness


Aquatic ecological assessment

Logan River Sand Dredging Project, SE Queensland


Provide impact management plans, water quality and long term ecological monitoring.

Threatened species habitat assessments

Curtis Island LNG Projects. Gladstone, Queensland


Water Mouse (Xeromys myoides), manage the bulk clearing of mangroves and provide Spotter Catchers to undertake the capture and relocation of fauna.

Marine Fauna Management services
Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal – Dredging and wharf development

Gladstone Harbour, Queensland


Marine Fauna Management services (Dugong, Turtle, Dolphin and migratory bird monitoring), Terrestrial and Marine spotter catcher services

Provide Spotter Catcher Team
WIBL (Gladstone Rail Loop) Project

Gladstone, Queensland

Various CSG/LNG pipeline projects

Bowen and Surat Basins, Queensland


Pre-clearing fauna habitat assessments and provision of Spotter Catcher & fauna relocation services for multiple QGC LNG client projects. Including roads, well sites and
infrastructure facilities.

BMA and BMC mines

Norwich Park, Sth Walker, Peak Downs and Poitrel Mines, North Queensland


Habitat assessment, fauna surveys, Fauna Management Plans (FMP’s), supervise clearing, capture and relocation of listed mammals, reptiles and birds (spotter catcher). Assisted client to achieve Category 1 EPA rating.

Spotter Catcher South Walker Creek Mine
Mulgrave Resource Access Project

South Walker Creek Mine, Strathfield, Central Queensland

Oversee implementation and provide fauna management services to ensure compliance with the “Threatened Species Management Plan” including fauna habitat assessment, fauna reduction trapping and relocation, supervision of bulk clearing and provide Spotter Catcher team.

fauna management services
Dysart Road Relocation Project
South Walker Creek Mine.

Undertake koala habitat assessment and provide management guidelines for future expansion of South Walker Creek Mine.


Alt Text
TMR Roads duplication works project

Redland Bay/Wide Bay/Capricorn Coast Region, Queensland


Koala management, Spotter Catcher, protected flora relocation services across Brisbane/
Redland Bay/Wide Bay region for roads duplication projects

Regional roads flood repair and mitigation

Wide Bay/Capricorn Coast Region, Queensland


Protected flora and fauna assessment, Flora and Fauna Management Plans (FFMP) and oversee flora and fauna relocation

Hinze Dam Alliance, Stage 3 Project

Gold Coast hinterland of South East, Queensland


Aquatic fauna assessment, salvage and relocate aquatic fauna

Northern Bus-way project

Brisbane, Queensland


Aquatic habitat and fauna value assessment and manage habitat impacts

Gold Coast Pipeline Alliance (De-salination Plant)

Currumbin Ck. Gold Coast


Aquatic habitat assessment, fauna surveys and Fauna Management Plan (FMP)

M1 upgrade project. TMR

Gold Coast, Queensland


Aquatic habitat ecological assessment (Flora and Fauna management plans) various streams and wetlands


Residential Commercial Developments

Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Logan, Brisbane and Pine River Shires.


Habitat assessment, fauna surveys, Koala Management Plans (KMP’s) and Spotter Catcher services

Robina Town Centre Re-development

Robina, Gold Coast


Aquatic ecological assessment, Aquatic Fauna Management Plan (AFMP), lake drain and aquatic fauna salvage and relocation. Robina Town Centre redevelopment. 2008.

Lake and Golf Course development project
Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Threatened species survey Water Mouse (Xeromys myoides) and Glossy Black Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus lathami). Riparian mangrove/freshwater wetland habitat. .

Relocated birds nest
Yarrabilba Residential Development

Undertake pre clearing fauna habitat assessments, supervise bulk clearing activities and provide Spotter Catcher team. 4,000 acres.

Spotter Catcher Possum
Provide Spotter Catcher services

Energy Resources of Australia Ltd Project, Redland Bay, Queensland

Provide Spotter Catcher team for multi stage Redland Bay residential project aquatic and terrestrial fauna management


WICET Project
Gladstone, Queensland

Develop and deliver marine fauna awareness and observer training.

Develop and deliver toolbox presentations

On site fauna management (reptile, mammal and bird). Various major projects across Queensland.

Stream health surveys (AusRivas)

Assist in management of HCV area (Mooball National Park) Northern NSW. Landcare.

Aquatic habitat assessment awareness training

Provide habitat awareness training for Gold Coast City Council environmental staff