Spotter Catcher Services & Wildlife Management

What is a Fauna Spotter Catcher?

Fauna Spotter-Catchers are responsible for the safe capture and relocation of wildlife during land clearing activities. Whether it is suburban development or large scale mining and construction projects, most civil developments involve some degree of land clearing. A spotter catchers primary goal is to minimize the environmental impact of land clearing activities and to protect resident species from harm.

Spotter-Catcher checking tree hollow
Spotter-Catcher checking tree hollow

Much of Queensland’s native wildlife is protected by local, state and federal legislation. The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act), and Queensland legislation – the Nature Conservation Act 1992, the Vegetation Management Act 1999, the Planning Act 2016 and the State Policy for Vegetation Management. Any vegetation clearing activities which may impact the habitat of protected wildlife may require the services of a licensed Spotter Catcher before approval can be granted. This might be as simple as cutting down a tree or large scale clearing for a construction or mining project.

What does a Spotter Catcher do?

There are many aspects of being a Wildlife Spotter-Catcher, for example:

  • Ability to locate and identify species using a number of tracking techniques
  • Animal trapping techniques (eg. Elliot trapping, Cage trapping, Pitfall trapping )
  • Hold relevant licenses and permits ( DEHP approved Rehabilitation permit, chainsaw use, 4WD license )
  • Identify suitable habitat for animal release


Vital Signs Spotter Catcher Services & Wildlife Management

Vital Signs has a team of highly experienced and versatile Spotter Catchers. Our wildlife experts are able to professionally manage on-ground wildlife issues (including rare and threatened species) on any project; be it a single habitat tree or large scale clearing sites.

Possum Release

To compliment our on-ground spotter catcher services we also provide ecological pre-clearing habitat and fauna risk assessments, develop specific Fauna Management Plans (FMP’s) and deliver post clearing reports for projects as required. Our dedicated team of Spotter Catchers will ensure your compliance with all regulatory responsibilities professionally and efficiently.

Vital Signs Environmental have worked hard over the years to build strong professional working relationships with many local shire councils, state regulatory bodies and numerous wildlife carer groups to create an extensive network of contacts. With our experience, know how and dedication to wildlife preservation, at a cost remains highly competitive, our spotter catcher service is one of the best in the business. We know what it takes to deliver excellent service, and our spotter catcher/wildlife management service is a complete professional package which will achieve all of your environmental objectives.

Vital Signs is capable of undertaking surveying and trapping of all animal groups.

Fauna survey techniques and equipment include:

  • Spotlighting
  • Bird counts
  • Hair tube trapping
  • Elliot trapping, Cage trapping, Pitfall trapping
  • Ultrasonic bat detection (Anabat)
  • Stag watching
  • Identification of tracks, scats, nests and scratches
  • Targeted searches for threatened species and habitat suitability
  • Hollow investigation
  • Aquatic fauna survey, trapping and salvage equipment
  • Nets, traps, fish transport and water quality monitoring
Spotter Catcher checking nest
Spotter catcher team work alongside excavator
On-site wildlife training

If your project requires habitat disturbance of any scale – talk to one of our consultants.